Show Times Update 2018


UPDATE: Everything is ready to go! We’re starting 11/26/2018! First show is 11am Eastern. Make sure you update your iOS App if you already downloaded it.

Hello All!

Just wanted to update you on the progress of the 2018 show. There are two things that we are waiting on before we begin:

  1. The Android App has been submitted to Google and needs to be approved before it can be released
  2. We’re updating the iOS App to support the video format we’ll be using for the show

These two things shouldn’t take very long to get done but unfortunately we won’t know exactly when. So hang tight! We’re almost there 🙂

Once the show does begin, the times will be as follows:

Weekdays: 11am and 7pm Eastern
Weekends: 7pm Eastern

We will be doing a Thanksgiving show at 7pm Eastern on November 22nd (Thanksgiving day). It will be broadcasted on the website and Facebook. Unfortunately we can’t broadcast it to the iOS App just yet because of that update mentioned above.

Good things are coming! You’re going to love what we’ve got lined up.

– Elf Lewis