How do you get on the Reindeer Nice List?

There are three ways to get on the Nice List:

OPTION 1) Anyone that sends a letter to Santa gets on the list. Send your letters to 4593 Wren Dr. SE Caledonia, MI 49316.

OPTION 2) You can add people to the list by donating to the reindeer fund.

OPTION 3) Write us a review in the iOS/Android/Win 8 App Store! Then e-mail us at NiceList@ReindeerCam.com with the names you would like to add. Please include your User Name in the Subject Line.

The Nice List will be updated every 24-48 hours. We can’t give a specific time but we can assure you that it will be done.

When will Santa take off on Christmas Eve?

Even without power we will still be able to broadcast Santa taking off on Christmas eve! Santa and his elves will be prepping the sleigh for takeoff at 8pm Eastern time. The event will not be broadcasted to mobile devices due to technical difficulties. Make sure you have a laptop or desktop computer ready if you want to watch the show. If you are not in the Eastern Time Zone we’ve listed some other major time zones below:

PST (Pacific) – 5PM
MST (Mountain) – 6PM
CST (Central) – 7PM
EST (Eastern) – 8PM

Where are we located?

The North Pole of course! But if you would like to send Santa a letter, please send it to:

Santa Claus
4593 Wren Dr. SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

Is there supposed to be sound.

Nope. :) But enjoy the jingle we wrote specifically for ReindeerCam fans!

Are the reindeer male or female?

Both actually—male and female reindeer grow antlers! Generally speaking, male antlers grow bigger. And males tend to lose their antlers before Christmas, which is why many people believe that Santa’s reindeer are actually female. However, these reindeer are of the magical variety, so keeping their antlers a little longer isn’t a big deal! After all, they help with aerodynamics!

Are the reindeer cold?

Actually, our reindeer have it pretty good! Reindeer are typically found in arctic and subarctic regions where the temperature frequently drops to -80° Fahrenheit! The map below indicates locations with native reindeer herds!

File provided by Wikipedia

Green – Indicates where the term ‘Caribou’ is used
Red – Indicates where the term ‘Reindeer’ is used

What’s reindeer vision like?

Alright, we don’t really get asked that too often but it’s actually pretty fascinating. Reindeer are thought to be the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light! It helps them see objects that would typically blend into the all white landscape (stuff like fur and urine—gross)!