Greetings Adults!

How do I add a childs name to the Nice List?

OPTION 1: Support ReindeerCam

Instantly add names to the Nice List and Nice List Scroll! It takes a lot of time, resources and elves working tirelessly each week to bring ReindeerCam to life and unfortunately Santa can’t pay his server bills with milk and cookies. That’s why we ask for a minimum donation of $2 to add up to 5 names to the Nice List. The 50 most recent names added will appear on the Live Nice List scroll on the website and can be found anytime on our Nice List.


NOTE: Anytime a name is added it will appear on the scroll instantly, regardless of whether the name has been added before.

OPTION 2: Review the ReindeerCam App

The ReindeerCam App makes it especially easy for children to open and watch the ReindeerCam Live Feed on your mobile device. Now anyone that reviews the App can add up to 5 names to the Nice List!

Download the App ($1.99) here: Apple | Android

After writing a review, add names here:


NOTE: Names are added to the Nice List by Santa and his elves within 24-48hrs of submission.

When does Santa visit?

Monday: 6pm
Tuesday: 11am, 6pm
Wednesday: 6pm
Thursday: 6pm
Friday: 11am, 6pm
Saturday: 6pm

Note: All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time